Serhii Hupa

CTO | Architect | Team Lead | Web Developer

Building startups, writing about IT.

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About me

Welcome! I'm Serhii, a seasoned software developer with over 12 years of experience in the tech industry. Based in sunny Spain, I currently serve as the Architect at

In my vast career, I have touched every corner of software development, from building proof of concepts for ambitious startups to leading the creation of enterprise-grade systems that support millions of users and terabytes of data. I'm also skilled at tech transformations, having migrated legacy systems to modern architectures. I've helped digitalize intricate financial processes and successfully internationalized systems for new markets. Plus, I've established a 3rd line support department for one of the UK's top ticket distributors.

As a tech leader, I'm adept at managing large teams, breaking them into efficient, smaller units, and overseeing each stream independently. I enjoy contributing to product development and strategic planning, always questioning and ideating to make the best choices for the business's future.

However, my passion is not limited to coding, architecture, and managementπŸ’‘. I'm an active blogger πŸ“, author of numerous IT articles:

Every day, I share with readers my experiences, new discoveries, and observations, aiming to provide them with relevant and valuable information. I'm currently diligently working on my book πŸ“–, which I hope will be even more beneficial for my readers.

Beyond my professional expertise, I'm a student of human psychology and enjoy helping others find a healthy work-life balance and optimize their work processes. I'm a budding pianist, yoga enthusiast, and street workout aficionado. I also find pleasure in observing the stock market, investing, and staying updated on financial news.

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